Shawn Reinsel– Shawn is the Executive Director. Shawn joined our team here at Night Lights in 2022. As a parent of six teen boys, two with autism diagnoses, Shawn and his wife Dana have experienced some of the challenges that families with special needs face on a daily basis. Shawn’s leadership was developed in Christian ministry as a full-time pastor. In fact, he still serves as a pastor at Surrender Church as well.  Shawn loves people a making friends comes easily to him. He would say it’s his “dad jokes” that everyone likes so much, but maybe it’s his gentleness and compassion. Shawn enjoys books, movies, sports, and things that may have been popular in the 1800’s.

To request Shawn to speak at your church or event, please call him at 720-819-6657.

Janie Forbes– Janie joined the executive team in the role of Executive Assistant in June 2019. As a mom, Janie is familiar with the importance of respite care and recognizes the need for support when a family has members with special needs. Janie works with the community to gather donations for the annual silent and live auctions, while managing our social media, gathering resources for families, among many other duties.

Kristin Steadman– Kristin is the founder of Night Lights which was started in 2011 out of her own journey of raising her two children. Her desire was to be part of the solution to provide respite care to families of children with special needs in the community.

Night Lights Board of Directors

Jesse Ramer-President

Reid Christopherson

Heather Haubenschild 

Craig Shannon

Want to join Night Lights Board of Directors?



  • Provide leadership and planning
  • Meet regularly
  • Assist with fundraising
  • Represent Night Lights in the community
  • Advocate for the Night Lights mission
  • Help Night Lights reach more families
  • Helps with volunteer appreciation and other site-related activities
  • Believers in the Christian faith (we do not ask for personal faith statements, and we do not require a specific denomination
  • Each board member donates (the frequency and amount do not matter), as long as there is at least 1 donation/year
  • The main focus of the board is to provide financial oversight, fundraising support, accountability, and uphold the mission and vision of Night Lights
  • Our current meeting schedule is once/month – as of now it is the 3rd Thursday in the evening, either by Zoom or in person. This schedule may change down the road, but for now this is when we meet.

If you agree to the above, please fill out the application below.

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