Heather Haubenschild
Executive Director

Heather, in addition to her roles as a wife, mother of three, and dedicated graduate student, holds the esteemed position of Executive Director at Night Lights. Her extensive involvement with Night Lights began nine years ago when she played an instrumental role in establishing the program in Parker. Over the years, Heather has exhibited exemplary leadership and dedication to the Night Lights mission, ensuring its continued success in serving the community. Her contributions extend beyond Night Lights, as she also serves as a PRN Bilingual Child Life Specialist at Children's Hospital, where she provides invaluable support to pediatric patients and their families. With a background encompassing roles such as Bilingual Senior Service Coordinator at Developmental Pathways and disability consultant for state employees and schools, Heather brings a wealth of expertise to her current positions. Her recent attainment of certification as an Interpersonal Whole Brained Model of Care Certified Provider further exemplifies her commitment to excellence in her field. Heather's deep-seated passion for serving families, children, and the Night Lights community is evident in her unwavering dedication and compassionate approach. Her leadership and contributions continue to positively impact the lives of those she serves.

Janie (1)

Janie Forbes
Executive Assistant

Janie, mom of 2, joined the executive team in the role of Executive Assistant in June 2019. Janie holds a BS in Criminology and a Masters in Criminology. Janie studied vulnerable populations and how they are more at risk of victimization. She brings a unique skillset and experience to Night Lights.

She came to us after working for three years at Aurora Mental Health, where she worked as a case worker using exercise to help clients who had mental health diagnosis cope with day to day challenges, weight gain associated with medication, cope with daily stress and anxiety, and overall using exercise as a coping mechanism. Many of her clients either had special needs or had children with special needs.

That experience combined with of her own experience, Janie is familiar with the importance of respite care and recognizes the need for support when a family has members with special needs. Janie saw firsthand how hard it is to find someone to care for a child who has special needs after being turned down by babysitters repeatedly. Janie's education and work experience combined with personal experience drive her passion for helping others.

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